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Fall 2015

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On the open seas, the pirate captain Nathaar and his quartermaster Martic have found stowaways on their ship during their journey to Dynol. By sheer chance, the King Tetiro and his advisor Atesan Turwin travel on a ship that on the way to Vesira. Who knew that a simple thing as a ship would lead to exposing the truth of the Pirate Golden Era?


Union Tides was designed to bring a shining example of deceit and crime gone wild. Going with deceit and crime, piracy was the ideal choice to go for the first game. Started in 2013, the game engine's development was started. Since then, the first chapter in the Legena Trilogy has started development.


  • A classic 16-bit RPG feel but with a darker tone
  • Defeat your foes in a dynamic turn-based combat system
  • Use power spells by equipping feathers
  • Use the power of the weather to give your allies an advantage
  • Increase the difficulty of the playthrough with the difficulty grid
  • Make choices that have an impact on the friends and foes around you


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Selected Articles

  • "Legena: Union Tides definitely feels right at home among the other RPGS of the era that it pays homage to."
    - Matt Espineli, Two Dash Stash
  • "Legena: Union Tides' charming visuals, catchy soundtrack, classic battle system and fully realized world leaves you wanting more"
    - Jahanzeb Khan, Hardcore Gamer
  • "A solid game with good writing and a lot of hooks to snag the player's attention"
    - Lena LeRay, IndieGames
  • "The game hearkens back to the 16-bit days which is evident by it's style. If you're a JRPG fan it's definitely worth a look."
    - Kevin O'Rouke, GenGAME

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Legena features a traditional JRPG combat system with a dynamic turn system, a variety of exciting characters, threatening villains and unique dungeons, along with new features including the weather which effects the battles, feathers that equip heroes with a variety of skills and a morale feature that rewards moral choices. And for those wanting a challenge, the difficulty grid waits to allow anyone from beginners to pros to play the game. Choose your difficulty and power on through!

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Legena: Union Tides Credits

Jeremy Beare
Designer, Programmer, Artist

SkittleGirl Sound
Music Composer, Freelancer

Greg Ellingworth
SFX Composer, Freelancer

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